The 48th Alabama Infantry Reenactors, Company C, Mountain Rangers

Approved and Updated January 23, 2016

Mission Statement

The 48th Alabama Infantry Reenactors is a non-profit living history group, dedicated to the portrayl of the life of the Civil War soldier and 1860's period civilians, with the emphasis on a mid-to-late war impression of the men of the 48th Alabama Volunteer Infantry, Army of Northern Virginia and/or Army of Tennessee. We are a family-oriented group that encourages the participation of our member's wives and children.
The 48th participates throughout the year in many battle reenactments, living history programs, memorial services, parades and school presentations. Nearly all of our activities are held on weekends and generally during the “good weather” months of March, April, May, June, September and October. Members participate as frequently as they wish or are able to do so. Most of the events we attend are in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee but we try to make one trip a year to the Eastern Theater of the war—Virginia, Maryland or Pennsylvania.

A. Types of Memberships

SOLDIER: Open to men who want to actively portray a Confederate and/or Union soldier impression.
AUTHENTIC CIVILIAN: Open to men, women, and children who want to actively portray a civilian of the 1860-65 time period.
ASSOCIATE: Open to anyone who wants to follow the activities of the unit and/or subscribe to the unit newsletter.

B. Qualifications & Restrictions

Anyone between the ages of 13-15 that carries a rifle must have a parent or guardian in the ranks with them at all times; anyone below the ages listed will be allowed on the field only if given permission by the staff of the 48th Alabama and only in a military capacity. People 16 years of age and above can carry rifles if event guidelines allow.
Membership will not be extended to anyone with a known involvement with any organization that promotes insurrection or racism.

Membership Dues

Annual dues are $20.00 per household, regardless of the number of members in a household and are collected by the adjutant.
Annual dues are due January 1st of each year and are delinquent March 1st.
Dues for new members joining in the middle of the calendar year are prorated at the rate of $1.00 per month.

Revocation of Membership

Membership in the 48th may be revoked for the following reason:
A) Non-payment of dues.
B) Continuous and flagrant violations of commonly accepted safety practices.
C) Performing illegal activities while representing the organization.

A. HIERARCHY: The 48th Alabama Infantry portrays a military unit of the Confederate States Army and its officers are established and are posted on the field in accordance with standard practices of the period and as prescribed by Hardee's Tactics. Said officers and duties are as follows....

CAPTAIN: The Captain is the overall leader of the unit, both on and off the field and represents the 48th to other organizations, with the exception of those communications conducted by the Adjutant. The Captain's theoretical instruction should include School of the Battalion, School of the Company, School of the Soldier and The Drill for Skirmishers. He is to instruct the Sergeants in the areas of the drill for which they are responsible.
1st LIEUTENANT: Assists the Captain and fills in for the Captain when he is absent and serves as file-closer as prescribed by Hardee's. His theoretical instruction is the same as the Captain's.
1st SERGEANT: Is the highest ranking non-commissioned officer (NCO) and is responsible for conducting and instructing the company in the absence of the commissioned officers, or at their behest. His theoretical instruction should include School of the Soldier, School of the Company and The Drill for Skirmishers. The 1st Sergeant is also responsible for seeing to the proper instruction of the other NCO's and for enforcing discipline in the ranks. He is also the official safety officer of the company.
2nd SERGEANT: Assists the 1st Sergeant and fills in for him if absent. His theoretical instruction is the same as the 1st Sergeant's.
CORPORALS: There shall be four Corporals and their duties are to assist the Sergeants in conducting the unit on the field and to assist in the individual instruction of the Privates. Corporals may be called on to act as Sergeants as needed and thus should be knowledgeable in all aspects of The School of the Solider.
ADJUTANT: The Adjutant conducts the business of the organization and is responsible for the following:
A). Maintaining and accurate list of current and past members.
B). Corresponding between the 48th and other organizations.
C). Registering members for reenactments and other events.
D). Scheduling interim events as needed.
E). Processing the applications of new members.
F). Maintaining an accurate record of the organization's funds.
G). The receipt and posting of member dues, registration fees, or any funds that may be donated to the organization.
H). The Adjutant is authorized to write drafts on the organization's checking account for the following:
1. Any amount that has been collected for the per-registration for an event is to be sent to said event according to their payment schedule.
2. Postage & copying expenses for the organization's newsletter are to be paid to the editor of said newsletter upon presentation of the applicable receipts.
3. All other expenses are subject to the approval of a simple majority of the members present at any given event. A quorum under these circumstances shall consist of 40% of due paying members.

CIVILIAN ORGANIZER: Is responsible for the following activities in regards to civilians of the 48th.
A). If Required, is responsible for organizing activities for any events that may be hosted by the 48th Alabama, such as ladies tea or dances.
B). Educating new or existing civilians on proper dress of the period and general civilian life during the period of 1860-65, men, women and children.
C). Is responsible for helping organize any other activities that civilians in the 48th may wish to do or participate in.


A. Annual meeting. The organization will have an annual company meeting in January at a central location for the majority of the members. A location and date for said meeting shall be established each fall of the preceding year. The following items shall be attended to each meeting:

Paying of Dues
Election of Officers. A) In the event of a tie, the person attending the most 48th events the year before shall be declared the winner. B) If multiple men are nominated for each of the top four ranks of Captain, Lieutenant, 1st Sergeant and 2nd Sergeant, there will be run-off elections for these positions between the top two vote receivers if no one has carried 51 % of the initial vote.
Scheduling of Events
Amending of By-Laws
Old and New Business

B. Voting Restrictions

Civilian members shall not vote on military officers.
All due paying members can vote on events and civilian organizer.
Associate members do not have a vote.

C. Quorum. A quorum shall exist under the following circumstances:

40% of due paying members present to discuss unit business.
50% of due paying members present to change by-laws. This can only be done at the company meeting.

D. Terms for Officeholders

Individuals hold office for a period of 1 year.
Unfinished terms will be filled by electing an individual to fill the remainder of the term.

A. The 48th Alabama Infantry Reenactors is not associated with any other organizations, officially or unofficially, except for the following:
The Hardee Guard Battalion (For Deep South Events).
Longstreet's Corps (For Eastern Events).

This document shall not be altered except for the addition of amendments to its provisions.
Amendments will only be considered at the annual meeting.